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Secretary, Siddi Jana Vikas Sangha 
No.256.Goankar Building,
Hadi Bavi Galli, Tilak Chowk,
Yellapur Taluk, Uttarakannada District,
Karnataka, India - 581359.
Mobile: +918277598516


  1. Hello there,

    It is good to see your initiative to highlight about the Siddi community. I am based in Malaysia and Ethnology is a hobby of mine. Does the Siddhi community follow any Gotra system and do they carry any surnames? (including titular caste surname)

    Thank you.

  2. Hey, I am doing a project on the Siddi community in India.
    I would like it if I get the opportunity to personally interview a few of them.
    Let me know if you could possibly do something about this.
    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Mridula,
      What sort of a project are you working on? I'm interested in all projects that relate to Siddi community in India.
      As you may be aware the UN has declared 2015-2024 Decade of people of African Descent and in this context I am interested in all projects that India will be undertaking.

  3. Namaskar, I want to know about population of Siddi community in India (area wise). And may u please tell me something that what are the policies of Govt. of India for development of siddi community.

  4. Hello,
    I am glad of this initiative. Hope you have been able to start your Bangalore office, if so, where are you situated.
    Who is the Secretary of the Sangha now?
    Would like to be kept informed of the progress you make, do you have a mailing list ?