Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Siddi Granny

I visited the village called Arle Honda 
 Early in the morning my bike got puncher and I had to go to nearest place called. Telngar.  Suddenly I   heard   a sound that   please come and have break fast ?
I got surprise who will be that then I sow old lady coming out from one small hut  .she is could  not able to stand properly   she is around  85 - 90 years old.
I replayed to her no thanks..
Slowly I went close to her and asked this is your own house? Because very rarer siddi family lives  close to the main Road. Then she said this is rented house then I asked what your son do? Then her expression of the face got changed my son is no more in this earth he is murdered by his own son my grand son.
And she started crying but I again asked her how does it happen that?
Her answer that I don’t know that……………
Then I asked her that you were there while murdering? she said yes, yes I was there …….
Both of they are fitting each other and music was playing loudly then I requested my daughter in-law your son is killing my son please go and stop it tell him not kill please………… I shouted no body were able to hear that because music was playing
I went close to them but already he dead blood was flowing……………      

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